Kate Loving Shenk Virtual Book Tour, Prayer Prescriptions

Prayer Prescriptions

Prayer Prescriptions is the new book my friend Kate Loving Shenk is releasing in May 2012. It’s just in time too, our world needs all the prayers it can hold.

I met Kate at Squidoo when we were Squid Angels together, a title given to those selected to bless, or boost the rankings of stellar pages on the site. Kate is an angel in real life too, and writes amazing prayers and blogs, which I have been reading since she started her incredible adventure of blogging a prayer every day for a year.

Today I am very happy to host Kate for a stop on her virtual book tour promoting her book, Prayer Prescriptions. I have read every prayer in the book as well as much of Kate’s fantastic commentary. Really, you will love this book and be lighter for reading it. The world needs love and prayers.

Thank you Kate for the gift of your words and your soul.

 Prayer Prescriptions: 14 Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health (The Prayer Prescription Series) Prayer Prescriptions For Nurse Healers (Volume 1)

Thank you, Heather, for featuring my Virtual Book Tour for Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health on your Angel Blog, today.

Angels are always with us. They wait for us to ask them for their help.

Angelic help is needed now more than ever.

I feel the Prayer Prescriptions are Angelically channeled. The Prayers often come from no where, asking me to relay the intent of Love into a wave length where people can receive them.

It all began when I became a so called Squid Angel at Squidoo dot com. Squidoo is where I met Heather, and so many more wonderful people who love Squidoo.

The act of blessing Squidoo Lenses was inspirational and I thought I would make a lens with nothing but prayers scattered throughout.

This evolved into a Prayer Blog over at Crabbysbeach. I wrote a prayer a day for 365 days. Later, I gathered the themes that ran through the prayers, and created a book from them.

Soon, we will all be able to hold this book in our hands.

That is an Angelic miracle!

Kate’s Video Hello is at http://youtu.be/PAv-bew7ioI

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